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Success With Honour

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Principal's Message

Welcome to Blayney Public School.

Established in 1858, Blayney Public School enjoys a proud history of meeting the educational needs of the Blayney community. The school's reputation is founded on its ability to achieve the mission it has set for itself.

Blayney Public School's mission is to develop confident, well-equipped citizens who have a positive attitude towards continued learning and an active concern for the world.

There are four key elements that help the school to achieve its mission and make a difference in the lives of its students. I believe these elements have existed throughout the school's history and continue today.

The first element is that of a supportive community. The Blayney community is very supportive of the school. It is supportive in terms of time, energy, finance and commitment to learning. High levels of parent participation in the many curricula and extra-curricula programs mean that the school can run successful initiatives. There is also a strong network of schools and communities across the Blayney area and these networks make for a welcoming, friendly school community. The school is proud to be a Heritage Country School. Healthy partnerships with parents, community, business and sporting organizations have seen numerous programs developed and implemented, leading to great learning opportunities for students.

The second element is that of traditional values. The values of tolerance, respect and fair play are actively demonstrated by the staff and promoted and developed in students. The school has strong pastoral care and student management programs which provide safe, inclusive and nurturing learning environments. There is a focus on developing social skills, decision-making and citizenship in each student. The school maintains high expectations of those who work and learn here, with an acknowledged proven record of achievement.

The third element is the provision of exceptional opportunities. Blayney Public School prides itself on the wide range of activities in which students are able to take part. The school conducts enrichment programs to foster individual abilities and interests and coordinates dynamic excursion and visiting performance programs. Of particular note are the outstanding sporting and cultural programs which provide willing students with school, district, regional and state representation opportunities. In each of the extra-curricula activities the school provides, student leadership skills are enhanced.

Finally, Blayney Public School is committed to delivering a progressive education. Innovative programs in literacy and numeracy and the continuous implementation of state-of-the-art technology mean that our students learning needs are addressed in such a way as to equip students to be capable learners now and in the future. The school provides specialised support for students with difficulties in learning and for those requiring stronger academic challenges. Our tertiary-accredited teachers are committed to ongoing learning and the development and implementation of quality teaching programs delivering diverse learning experiences.

I am very proud of the origins of Blayney Public School, the journey it has taken to arrive at its present state and the journey it will continue to make in pursuit of its mission. In all our efforts at Blayney Public School I am proud to say we apply the sentiments of our school motto, "Success with Honour".

Kind Regards

Jaime Medbury